Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to visit.  Please see the following the sections to learn about me.

professional life & recent history

I am an engineer in Portland, OR, currently employed as a Software Engineer at Tripwire, Inc.

Previously I served as:

  1. Software Engineer at The Mind Research Network
  2. Automation/Test Engineer at LAM Research Corporation
  3. Manufacturing Engineer at Novellus Systems
  4. Industrial Engineer at Intel, Digital Health

I have been steadfastly engineering solutions to diverse problems since 2009. I am privileged to have experience in software, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineering.

Education is a deep core value of mine. A strong foundation in academic principles is an essential, defining characteristic of an engineer. Further, widespread education is cornerstone to a productive, wise, and just society. I have actively sought out technical knowledge and wisdom in my career, and have achieved the following:

  1. MS Computer Science, Machine Learning focus (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018)
  2. BS Industrial Engineering (Oregon State University, 2010)
  3. BS Manufacturing Engineering (Oregon State University, 2010)
  4. Business & Entrepreneurship Minor (Oregon State University, 2010)

To support my MS Computer Science degree, I nearly completed a full BS Computer Science degree at Portland State University, skipping only the final capstone project to work immediately on my masters. I finished at Georgia Tech with a 4.0, and left PSU with a 3.8.

I completed my Industrial, Manufacturing, and business certifications at Oregon State University in 2010.  I finished with honors, a 3.92 GPA, and two successful MECOP internships.  I was also awarded most outstanding senior in the college of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering.

work philosophy

I strongly value the opportunity to work.  I believe that work is a fundamental and natural activity for daily life, not a habitual chore.  I also believe that the most fulfilling work is activity that lifts or supports the community.  I have been privileged with many opportunities, including an excellent education and professional support network, thus, I have been able to work in jobs that fulfill my 'community uplift' criteria.  I do not regard many industries to be truly “value-add” to our society, and in these sectors I hold no professional interest.  For example, the prospect of working for a toy manufacturer does not entice me.  Nor does working for a financial institution, such as a bank or in cryptocurrencies.  Although these example organizations may fill reasonable demands, their output is not one that I see as truly beneficial to humanity.  Research firms, engineering firms, manufacturing firms, and even consulting firms are where I believe value is generated for us, both financially as a society, but also as a source of improving our quality of life.  It is here that I have worked, desire to work, and will continue to work.

off hours

Beyond my career, I am committed to serving my community.  I volunteer primarily through local organizations (1, 2) because of an innate call to serve those in need.  I also believe that we, as active contributors to society, should partake in various practices to be responsible, global participants.  Examples of such practices may be simple activities like recycling, voting, or dedicating a fixed percentage of one’s wage to charitable needs.  I believe that a life without love and community is fruitless, thus many of our fundamental, day-to-day activities should reflect that behavior.

Off hours, you will observe me most easily as a cyclist, as a geek, and certainly as keeping Portland Weird. The sun does not come out much in Oregon, but lack of sunshine has not deterred me from a significant amount of road, mountain, and cyclocross bicycle riding/racing in the past 15 years.  I have been on teams, clubs, and ridden independently.   I was once heavily involved in the reprap community, building documentation, helping novices get their machines running, and “wow-ing” middle-school students & friends with the simplicity of FFF 3d printing. In 2013, I published my own printer design, including the full CAD and build instructions under the OpenHardware philosophy. Check out my machine, cOssel! Of course, as a software geek, I spend a great deal of time hacking away on projects as well. I am an AmpersandJS Core Team member and I :love: hacking in NodeJS and the browser! With the exception of python and the rare C++ appearance, NodeJS has effectively replaced "All-The-Things" for me when it comes to personal software projects :) However, I will always advocate for the right design over the prettiest tool.

resume & references

To download my resume in .pdf format, please click here.

Due to privacy issues, please contact me directly to obtain references.


Thank you for visiting!

-Chris Dieringer