May 27, 2012

Mendel X-Axis

I had my x-belt snap on me recently after ~1 year of use.  Bummer! My x-axis never did traverse easily.  When i say easily, I mean to imply that it took a gentle, but forceful finger to get it into motion in a ‘steppers off’ state.  So, on every spot where the belt rides on the support washers, i layered some PolyLube 1000 bike grease.  It now rides much easier and smoother!  Booya.  I could feasibly move the belts up a little bit where they pinch down, but I  believe that has only a marginal effect.  Keeping it parallel and clean will keep the belt-carriage join as stress and strain free as possible.

![]( "lubed x-belt")Lubricated Mendel X-belt
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