June 15, 2012

wireless controllers // Do Buy Don't Buy!

do buy:

WiFly Module WiFly RN-XV — Completely Baller WiFly RN-XV: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10822

why? it’s cheap, and you can hook all sorts of widgets up to it with almost no trouble at all!  It’s preloaded with a very feature rich f/w and you’ll be off connecting your gidgets to all sorts of neat stuff.  I used it as a simple web client, but also used it to run scan inquires.  Using this little unit was a walk in the park!

don’t buy:

MICROCHIP MICROCHIP MRF2RWB0MB — At least he looks friendly

MICROCHIP2 but it’s actually a total jerk!

I don’t personally recommend the MIRCOCHIP MRF24WB0MB 11369ST (or similiar).  It seems as though a handful of WiFi shields use it.  The SPI interface libraries are seriously lame & lacking.  Doug H & I fought them for a few days.  We had compile issues, as well as erratic behavior off the comm pins (o-scoped!).  Most of the shields aren’t immediately ard.MEGA compatible.  Not a big deal, we can remap pins!  But nothing would execute correctly, even after many deep digs into the code, debug, and googling.  Not to mention, the RN-XV is way more capable, and often the same price or cheaper!  If you’re thinking about this chip, abort!

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